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Back pain is an ailment that cannot be overlooked if you are experiencing it. In fact, approximately 27 million Americans have back pain problems and are put on treatment by a Chiropractor according to National Institutes of Health report for 2015.

A Chiropractor uses manipulation of the spine while considering better treatments, overtime the spine will be able to heal itself if there is proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure.  Manipulation is utilized to re-establish mobility to joints confined by tissue damage brought about by a horrible accident, for instance, falling, or a vehicle accident.

So why should you consider a chiropractor?

Chiropractors not only treat back pains but to some extent, they treat cerebral pains, muscles and neck pains among others. Some of the Chiropractors will also advise you on your diet and a lifestyle that will benefit your health. Effective relief for acute back pain caused by moving of heavy objects is done by chiropractic care which lasts around six weeks.

Treatments by a Chiropractor

Prolotherapy, as used by some Chiropractors to treat back pains for chronic conditions, will typically take around three months and it involves injections of sugar water with the possibility of boosting ligaments in the back.

Chiropractors may also consider using traditional treatment therapies as such exercises, massages, education and relaxing techniques all of which are very safe for the healing of your back pains.

With advanced technology nowadays, chiropractors may use instruments- manipulation tools to apply little force on the patients back without causing injury. It involves laying on your back on the machine as it tries to ‘massage’ your back relieving you of the pain.

Risks of Seeing a Chiropractor

There are some risks involved in chiropractic treatment, yes they do also have side effects such as; numbness, headaches, and nausea but this totally depends on your body, it won’t be like this for every patient.

Other serious risks may involve compressed nerves in the spine, spinal fluid leakage, spinal cord injury among others that are brought about by spinal manipulation.

The high-speed revolution of the head has been connected to a tear in a course in the neck, alluded to as vertebral corridor dismemberment. Whenever left untreated, it may square the bloodstream in the nervous system and lead to a stroke.

With the benefits and risks mentioned above, it will be a very good idea to consult your primary doctor before approaching a Chiropractor, since they are not for everyone. Good luck!

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